• Walter P. McTeigue

    Walter P. McTeigue

  • Walter J. McTeigue Sr.

    Walter J. McTeigue Sr.

  • Walter J. McTeigue Jr.

    Walter J. McTeigue Jr.

  • The McTeigue name has been associated with fine diamonds, estate jewelry and natural pearls for over a century. Michael McTeigue, a fourth generation estate jeweler, leads the firm. Established in 1895, McTeigue is one of the oldest and most reputable buyers and sellers of estate jewelry in the United States.

  • Michael McTeigue

    Michael McTeigue

  • Dorothy McTeigue

    Dorothy McTeigue

  • Walter J. McTeigue IV

    Walter J. McTeigue IV

  • There is a reason why the McTeigue family has sustained success for over one hundred years in this industry. The principles and timeless ethics established by Walter P. McTeigue have been carefully protected and nurtured by every subsequent generation. And every member of the team embodies this culture and takes pride in the McTeigue name.